Registration-for high school graduates- is now open at the National Power Academy (NPA)-Dammam

An employment opportunity starting with training
Registration-for high school graduates- is now open at the National Power Academy (NPA)-Dammam

•    NPA offers various fields of study that meet the energy sector’s emerging  needs
•    NPA’s Board of Trustees is composed of the  leading power industry representatives
•    NPA has forged a strategic  partnership with Bismarck State College (of the USA)-an internationally recognized leader in the power industry

NPA has announced the launch of registration of high school graduates to join its training program starting Wednesday February 20, 2019

NPA students have a flexible choice of six training programs ending with a diploma in : electrical technician, control systems technician, renewable energy technician, smart grid technician, control and protection technician and distribution and transformation technician.

NPA adopts  the “employment beginning with training” strategy. All graduates have a guaranteed job slot upon graduation from the Academy. This is done in coordination between the NPA and the sponsoring companies. Students receive a stipend of SR3000 while training at the Academy.

The NPA is  established  in response  to  the emerging needs of the power sector and national industry. In line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision in various energy fields based on sophisticated understanding of the energy technology and future industry

Requirements of the Energy Sector
NPA aims at  meeting the  industrial sector’s needs and offering  excellent programs. NPA’s Board of Trustees is comprised of the biggest-international- power sector representative.
NPA is the one and only Academy in the region that has a strategic  partnership with an American College  specialized in the power sector-namely (Bismark State College). BSC is internationally known to be the best in the energy field having an accumulated experience of more than 40 years throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand

NPA has the competitive  advantage of-simulated- training laboratories built  by the best manufacturers in the world. NPA applies advanced training methods and  materials serving as a platform for hosting up-to-date specialties such as solar  and nuclear energy, wind power in addition to power efficiency , smart grids and cyber security,

It’s worth mentioning that the Academy has started as an idea (dream) from within Aramco offices . A feasibility study was conducted leading to establishing the Academy as partnership between Saudi Aramco, SEC, Sea Water Desalination Organization, Marafiq,TVTC, Siemens, GE, Schneider, in addition to the KFUPM as an academic partner. HRDF supports the Academy financially.

An internationally recognized, National Platform
The Academy aims at meeting the growing demand by training 700 students annually. Moreover, plans are in place to accommodate 2000 students by the year 2022. NPA is a national entity attaining international recognition in the energy sector . The target is graduating national staff qualified to serve the energy sector in Kingdom and the Gulf region at large.

International Accreditation
NPA has gained a lot of  international , local  and national accreditations .For example, High Education Authority and  the National Committee of Accreditation (NCA)