The National Power Academy (NPA) exhibits its projects during the Sustainability Week in Abu-Dhabi

The National Power Academy (NPA) exhibits its projects during the Sustainability Week in Abu-Dhabi

The National Power Academy participates -together with 21 national Saudi entities- at the Saudi Sustainability Booth

The National Power Academy has participated in the “Abu-Dhabi Sustainability Week 2019” Exhibit-which is one of the biggest sustainability functions   worldwide. NPA has exhibited its role in training and developing talent in the field of sustainability in the power sector. NPA was actively present in the Kingdom’s booth which included (21) sustainability sectors representing leading companies and national organizations.

Abu-Dhabi Sustainability Week has attracted experienced personnel, technology pioneers and sustainability leaders across the globe. The intent is to pursue knowledge exchange, apply strategies and develop solutions.

NPA has shown its contribution in the field of training and renewable energy. Sustainability is embraced by the NPA as a way for strategic development and business growth/expansion. Exhibit attendees were informed about the NPA’s programs, plans, and training initiatives. Moreover, NPA has contracted with Bismarck State College (one of the leading international organizations in the field of energy) to operate the NPA.

Visitors were given an overview of the NPA’s current and future projects which aim at attaining the Kingdom’s 2030 vision objectives. NPA plans and aims at building an ambitious nation through exploiting the youth potential and creating job opportunities in the field of energy through technical training.

NPA is an independent, non-for-profit-organization that has been established under the sponsorship and partnership with many entities and big energy companies aiming at developing manpower and human capital. Entities that are involved are: Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electric Company, TVTC, KFUPM, in addition to General Electric, Siemens, Schneider, Marafiq, Al-Shareef Holding, and Saline Water Desalination Corporation. HADAF and Colleges of Excellence provide financial support. First batch of students started their training at the NPA in September 2018.