Craft: Profession: Date: 
  1.       maintenance electrician Open
  2.       General electrical wiring
  3.       electrical assistant wiring
  4.       electrical measuring devices
  5.       electrician repair
  6.       Electrical distribution panel assembly worker
  7.       General electric machines
  8.       Electrical installation and repair of distribution panels
  9.       Electrical equipment assembly worker
  10.   General electrician
  11.   Industrial electrical installations
  12.   Electrician maintenance of switches and controls
  13.   General electrical ground cables
  14.   electric buildings
  15.   Electrical technician maintenance
  16.   electric home extensions
  17.   Precision instrument electrician
  18.   Electrical technician
  19.   electric elevators
  20.   Electric Air Networks General
  21.   Elevator electrician assistant
  22.   Electricity Electricity Distribution Networks
  23.   Circuit breaker assembly worker
  24.   electric home appliances
  25.   electric winding motors
  26.   Electrical control and control panels
  27.   General household appliances electric
  28.   Electrical Engineering Technician - General
  29.   Electrician Customer Service
  30.   subscriber services electrician
  31.   electrical distribution cables
  32.   Electrician operating general generating stations
  33.   Electrical and electronic equipment inspector and inspector
  34.   Electrician maintenance of control and protection devices
  35.   Electrical installation of transformer stations
  36.   generator assembly worker
  37.   Electrician installation of generating stations
  38.   Electrician maintenance substations
  39.   Electrician assistant generating stations
  1.     Building carpenter assistant Open
  2.    Building carpenter
  3.     General building carpenter
  1.     general plumber Open
  2.     Plumber
  3.     plumber assistant
  4.     General plumbing mechanic
  5.     Pipe and tube laying worker
  6.     pipe cooler
  7.     General pipes cooler
  8.      Network duct technician
  9.      Home plumbing fixture
  10.    Plumbing and heating technician/installer
  11.    General pipe installer
  12.    Plumbing mechanic assistant
  13.    Irrigation and sprinkler equipment mechanic
  14.    Draftsman for plumbing and heating installations
  15.    Plumbing and heating technician / operation and maintenance
  16.    Gas pipe installer
  17.    Steam pipe plumber
  1.    General woodwork paint


  2.    paint wooden furniture
  3.    Wooden doors paint
  4.    signage paint
  5.    Car paint
  6.    Vehicle paint assistant
  7.    Paint buildings
  8.    metal paint
  9.    Building paint assistant
  10.   Paint industries technician
  11.    Brush paint with construction
  12.    Paint ships and steel structures
  13.    wood paint assistant
  14.    metal paint assistant
  15.    Car Decoration Technician
  16.    Hand dip paint
  17.    coating agent
  18.     ceramic coating agent
  19.     pottery talk
  20.     ceramic decoration worker
  21.      wallpaper composite
  22.      Vehicle polishing agent
  23.      Paint equipped
  24.      Metal electroplating agent
  25.      Vehicle paint assistant
  26.      Spray metal coating agent
  27.      Ceramic paint sprayer
  28.        Immersion coating agent
  29.       Hot-dip coating agent
  30.        Agent for mixing sanding components
  31.        Spray paint (pistol) except for construction
  32.        Paint ships and steel structures
  air conditioning mechanic assistant SOON
  home air conditioner mechanic
  Central refrigeration equipment mechanic
  general refrigeration mechanic
  Electric cooling and air conditioning
  General air conditioning mechanic
  Central air conditioning mechanic
  Vehicle air conditioning mechanic
  Refrigeration assembly worker
  Central air conditioner operator
  HVAC Technician/Installer
  Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
  Cooling device operator
  Ventilation and heating equipment operator
  Main pneumatic component (central)
  boiler maintenance mechanic
  Gas ovens and heaters assembler
  General central heating mechanic
  home refrigeration mechanic
  Central cooling equipment operator
  HVAC Technician / Operation & Maintenance
  Central heating system operator
  General heating mechanic assistant
  Central refrigeration equipment mechanic assistant
  Oxygen welding assistant SOON
  Oxygen welding
  electric welding
  resistance welding machine operator
  automatic arc welding
  Welding pipes
  Brass welding
  Welding technician
  Welding general
  General pipe welding
  General electric welding
  electric welder assistant
  Metal Vehicle Welding
  Automatic electric welding machine operator
  Electrical assistant for welding cables
  welding tester
  general refrigerator
  cold watch
  automatic flame cutting agent
  Manual flame cutting agent
  refrigerator assistant
  Punching machine processing and operation worker
  lead welder
  Mechanical refrigerator installation and maintenance of machinery and equipment